How to embed Google Trends into widgets on WordPress google tips and tricks

If you're interested in learning more about Google's trending searches or would like to know what its most popular search term is, you should use Google Trends.

However, if you want someone to visit your website and see the trending searches from your website, then this feature will be useful because it will allow the visitor to see the Today's Trending Searches on your website.

Here, I'll explain how to add a Google Trends widget to your website so that visitors can view the most popular Google searches if they so choose.

To add the Google Trends to your website, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Open your browser and search " Google Trends" on Google.

Step 2

click on the first link and now you are on Google trends Page.

Step 3

Click on "three lines" (see in the image) and select the "Trending Searches" option.

Step 4

Now here you can selection which once country that you want to Trending Searches for today. Here you will see an Embed option click on that.

Step 5

Now you just to click on Appearance on WordPress dashboard then click on Widgets.

Step 6

copy that code and paste this code on your website. then paste Google trends code here and click on "update" button.

Final Result